Tour Edge Geomax 2 Bazooka Driver Review

First Published September 9th 2013

The review is further down the page if you want to just skip to it. What follows are the reasons why I bought the driver.

It’s been driving me mad …

Trying to get off the tee, with decent distance and accuracy

As I’ve previously reported, I’ve tried using woods off the tee and done nothing but get myself into trouble …

So I reverted to leaving the woods out of the bag in order to try and get round safely with iron shots

Which seemed like a sensible plan to me …

But not to the Golf Pro who I’m taking lessons from – Paul Stoller at Ulverston Golf Club

My series of lessons ended last Friday, but I booked another one as I still wasn’t happy with my basic technique …

Video analysis of my golf swing this Friday revealed that I’m getting there

I acually look more like a golfer than before and I’m not moving around so much during the swing …

So I mentioned my crafty Iron plan

And he shot it to bits, by telling me that whilst that might result in short term gains, in the medium to long term it would be counter productive …

I knew that was true

Paul persuaded me to buy the Tour Edge Geomax 2 Bazooka Driver

It was new, and the price was right (rip Leslie Crowther) so I did

On Sunday morning I took it to the driving range, and as usual duffed my first half dozen shots, but then I caught the next one clean

And couldn’t beleive what happened

The ball flew high into the air, straight, and landed about 180 yards away

Which was exactly what I’d been looking for


The Driver id specified as 15 loft, a 2 degree draw and higher MOI

I had to look up MOI to find out that it simply means that the driver is more forgiving on mis hit shots

So this driver is designed for use by someone who doesn’t always strike the ball cleanly and has a tendency to hook the ball i.e. has the club face too open at impact

That’s me

And it might be you

I hit maybe 80 balls at the range

The loft I got varied enormously which meant that distanced acheived ranged from 150 – 230 yards

But what a sweet feeling it is, seeing the ball flying through the air with height. Anyone who’s ever topped a drive off the tee or into any short hazard will know what I mean

I still hit some shots with slice, I still topped some shot, I still pulled some shots left. But half of them went straight down the middle and would have cleared anything in front of me on a golf course.

Two hours later I was on the first at Grange over Sands Golf Club which is a straight 319 yard par 4 so out came the driver

And I sliced it out of bounds


I used the driver throughout the round where appropriate, and at one hole where it wasn’t with mixed success

But I know that this is the driver for me

I went out in 60 and back in 61, the highlight for me being a bogey on the 508 yard par 5 18th

So I’m still crap

But I’ve found my driver

Today, I took it to the driving range again and hit another 60 balls

Most of which went within an acceptable angle of straight and all around 180 yards

It’s not a budget option to purchase this club

But if you’re a beginner like me

It’s worth it