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MD Golf Irons Review

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Golf Equipment|

MD Golf Irons Review First Published September 6th 2013 As I’ve previously mentioned, the Mizuno irons that I’ve been using have a bit of a problem, so I’ve bought a new set of MD Golf Superstrong ST2 Irons 5 -PW That’s 5,6,7,8and 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a [...]

One Par Doesnt Make a Round

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Golf Lessons|

First Published September 1st 2013 So I had my last golf lesson in a 6 lesson series on Friday and it was back to the video analysis … First up, my grip was still poor, with my right hand slipping clockwise And my backswing looked er, random And the follow [...]

Managing the Transition in Golf

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Practice|

Managing the Transition - Just How do you Practice That? First published 28th August 2013 One thing that I’ve noticed about golf is how the different stages of playing a hole mess with your head … First up, you’re on the tee with perhaps 500 yards of course ahead [...]

I am Probably the Worst Golfer in the World

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Progress Updates|

I am Probably the Worst Golfer in the World First published August 26th 2013 Unless you can tell me different? As you know I’ve been having some trouble hitting the ball off the tee … So at my 30 minute lesson on Friday I asked the pro for some [...]

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