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Playing in Comps

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Competitions|

Playing in Competitions First Published August 21, 2017 I’ve been playing comps at my local club for a little over 2 years now. Initially I didn’t really buy into the comp vibe and only decided to enter because it was the only way to guarantee a reasonable tee time [...]

Breaking 80 in Golf

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Progress Updates|

Breaking 80 First PublishedNovember 17, 2016 So I’ve been playing for a little over 3 years now and I’ve probably played over 400 rounds of golf and hit over 200,000 balls on the range. I get that that’s extreme. My worst completely recorded round ever was 171 at Windermere [...]

Breaking 90

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Golf Equipment, Progress Updates|

Breaking 90 First Published July 26, 2016 I’m pleased to say that I continue to make progress, generally hitting in the low nineties. Last Friday I had my best round ever when I went round in 42/42 for 84. That’s 6 under my current 19 handicap. On Sunday I [...]

Progress Update

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Progress Updates|

Golf Progress Update First Published November 11, 2015 Wow, how time flies, as does my golf ball when I catch it sweet with my 7 iron. So I haven’t checked in for some time, mainly because I’ve been playing a lot of golf and generally enjoying it. My last [...]

Breaking 100 in Golf

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Progress Updates|

Breaking 100 for the Beginner Golfer First Published December 10, 2014 It’s been some time since I updated my blog, mainly because I’ve spent most of my spare time either at the range or on the course, so a progress report is long overdue. When I find time, I’ll [...]

Pestana Golf Resort Portugal Review

By |October 5, 2021|Categories: Golf Breaks, Golf Courses|

Pestana Golf Resort Portugal Review First Published January 29, 2014 It started, as it usually does with a chat over a post round pint “what about going to Portugal in January for 3 days of golf?” Mike organised the deal via Golfbreaks – 3 nights b&b in Pestana with [...]

Golf Lessons

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Golf Lessons|

Golf Lessons First Published October 31, 2013 I’m a relative expert, on golf lessons … Firstly, everyone I’ve ever played with who’s better than me has offered me advice And I’m thankful for it Second, after today, the number of professionals that I’ve taken lessons from totals three, so [...]

Golf in the Lake District

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Golf Courses, Progress Updates|

Golf in the Lake District First Published September 30th 2013 I’ve joined Windermere Golf Club 🙂 Which might seem odd, given that my local golf club is 5 minutes away, and Windermere is a 30 minute drive. Here’s why … A few months ago on the way back to [...]

Its Been Driving me Mad

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Golf Equipment, Practice|

It's Been Driving me Mad First Published September 29th 2013 So I’ve been at the driving range … A lot Practicing with my driver and trying to develop repeatable accuracy, with some success On the 15th my golfing buddies were unavailable, so I persuaded an old climbing mate to [...]

Tour Edge Geomax 2 Bazooka Driver Review

By |October 3, 2021|Categories: Golf Equipment|

Tour Edge Geomax 2 Bazooka Driver Review First Published September 9th 2013 The review is further down the page if you want to just skip to it. What follows are the reasons why I bought the driver. It’s been driving me mad … Trying to get off the tee, [...]

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