Golf Progress Update

First Published November 11, 2015

Wow, how time flies, as does my golf ball when I catch it sweet with my 7 iron. So I haven’t checked in for some time, mainly because I’ve been playing a lot of golf and generally enjoying it. My last 4 rounds have been 95, 94, 93 and 97 in varying conditions including rain and 40mph winds. Here’s what I’ve been up to …

I joined my local club – Ulverston Golf Club around a year ago and I’ve played around 150 rounds in the last year, if you take numerous 10 hole practice sessions into account. I’ve probably hit 50,000 balls on the range which whilst bordering on obsessive has given me a degree of repeatability.

I know my numbers within probably a 10% tolerance level so I drive around 190 to 250 yards depending on wind and terrain. My 7 iron is around 145 yards, pitching wedge 100 – 110 and 56 degree around 60 – 70 yards. I’ve done a fair bit of chipping practice in the last month or so as the nights draw in so I’m getting more accurate from 50 yards out.

My weakness currently is long irons to my rescue hybrid. I can’t reliably hit them, so if I’m 200 yards out, I’m usually taking a 6 or 7 iron short then chipping in. That’s something that I need to work on over the winter.

My handicap is 18, a mark I have so far failed to play to, but I have played a few comps, so officially I’m at 18.2. My best round of the summer was a 91.

But I’m happy with my progress and I’m enjoying the game. My aim by the end of next season is to be regularly breaking 90 and I’m motivated to achieve that.