MD Golf Irons Review

First Published September 6th 2013

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Mizuno irons that I’ve been using have a bit of a problem, so I’ve bought a new set of MD Golf Superstrong ST2 Irons 5 -PW
That’s 5,6,7,8and 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge in case like me you’re just becoming familiar with golfing terms.

Why did I choose that particular set?

I didn’t, the Pro who’s been giving me lessons recommended them to me, and the price was good, so I took his advice

Here’s what the manufacturers blurb says:

“The MD Superstrong ST2 irons have been manufactured using the finest 403 stainless steel. MD has designed the club heads with an undercut cavity which provides a wide sole and thick top line which aids the golfer with confidence and less turf interaction. By having the thick sole it enables a cleaner transition from club to ball without taking too much turf, so all of the energy is transferred to the ball rather than ground. The steel shafts used in this set are a brand new UST Tour Force shaft which has been designed to improve the launch angle and distance.”

And here’s what I think, based on admittedly limited experience i.e. comparing them to the Mizuno’s

They don’t look as nice – the Mizuno heads are slim and angular but the MD’s are fat and rounded, the toe of the club head is also much thicker.

At first attempt on the driving range I was hitting the ball maybe 10 -15 yards shorter, but given that I don’t have a consistant range yet, that was probably just me

The MD’s feel heavier, so I felt like I had to swing more slowly, which took a bit of getting used to.

But I’ve been to the range again today, and had another lesson, and I’m warming to them.

Incidentally, I weighed both 6 irons to satisfy my curiosity and they both weigh in at 400g and both sets have steel shafts.

The MD’s feel more forgiving though and for me, right now, that’s good.