I am Probably NOT the Worst Golfer in the World Anymore

First Published January 2, 2014

It’s been a little over 7 months now since I first picked up a golf club and I’ve neglected to update my progress recently as, well, golf is just so time consuming …

So I’ll start this update with my last round at Windermere Golf Club on Sunday 29th December 2013

First the numbers:

51 out and 56 back for 107 on this par 67 course

3 pars, 5 bogeys (why are they called bogeys?) and a worst hole score of 10

Now the round:

I’d played Windermere the day before with Gez and Mike and hit in the low 120’s

3 of the greens are winter greens and Fairway mats are in use.

Today was a little sunnier and warmer and I was playing on my own

In general I played the shorter holes well, and the longer, uphill holes poorly …

I used the driver sparingly as the previous day it landed me in trouble, more than once

And my 7 iron has now become my “go to” club …

I can reliably hit 150 yards with it from most lies, most of the time.

I sunk a few great 8 feet putts to 2 putt a number of holes and four putted a par 3 after landing my tee shot on the edge of the green.

I was 5 off the tee at one hole and I lost a few more balls at others …

But I was happy with my score as I can see sub 100 rounds on the horizen

And that means cutting out the big errors, plus improving my putting – something I don’t practice.

I have however played a lot of golf in the last 3 months and I’ve also spent a lot of time at the driving range …

So I’m beginning to build up a mental library of shots to attempt in different situations.

And having had my grip, address, swing and follow through corrected over a series of lessons, the mechanics of propelling a golf ball are coming together.

I did shoot 170 one day though

That was mentally draining

Anyway, enough rambling

A happy 2014 to every golfer