Hit Me for Six

First published August 29th 2013

After yesterday’s transition training, I headed to Barrow Golf Club this afternoon for a round with Andrew Turner, owner of Hartley’s Restaurant in Dalton and provider of catering to the club.

But first I was happy to receive some belated birthday gifts from my daughter Sophie and a Calloway golf cap from Helen. It’s great when you get things that you actually want! – after which I warmed up for my second ever round on a full course at the driving range.

I’d already pre-warned Andrew that I wasn’t exactly competent yet, but he’s a laid back sort of bloke and just told me not to worry – so I didn’t.

We tee’s off at 3.30 and I was going along ok with 6 irons off the tee …

Particularly so, when I managed to par the 299 yard uphill hole 8 with my second shot hitting the flag

I was two putting the greens too.

Andrew was kind enough to help me correct a tendency to pull my shots left – the ball was too forward in my stance, and out in 65, I was looking forward to consolidating on the back 9

But I didn’t …

We’d had clear air behind us all the way around, but suddenly there were two pairs behind us (I guess they jumped on at 10 after work) and that time pressure didn’t help …

So I came home in 77 for a total score of 142 – almost the same score as I posted on Monday

So I’m consistant

In a 70 over par sort of way


  • The par on 8
  • The stunning views over the estuary to the south west cumbrian fells, from Black Combe to Coniston Old Man
  • I had an hour or so where I was hitting sweet 6 iron shots 150 yards or more every time
  • 2 putting most of the first dozen greens
  • I had to deal with 3 bunker shots and got out cleanly every time
  • I notched up more experience on a full course (the second time I’ve ever done that, and both this week)
  • Andrew was a great playing partner


  • Hurrying too much with players behind us – it doesn’t actually make my play any quicker. We tried to wave them through, but they seemed content to drive at the greens we were putting on!
  • I have a tendency to score worse on the back 9 than the first. I don’t know if that’s because I get tired, or my concentration wanders, but it’s something that I’ll have to address
  • Deciding to take my “medicine” at a mid fairway diamond of jungle like rough on the back 9, instead of taking the 6 iron over it. I duffed it into the edge of the rough anyway and dropped 3 shots doing so
  • 9 lost golf balls – that’s a record for me

But I enjoyed the whole round, immensely …

Because I danced on the 8th

Work now takes precedence for the next few days, so I’ll try to switch my mind off golf

Then plan for a round this weekend.