Golf Lessons

First Published October 31, 2013

I’m a relative expert, on golf lessons …

Firstly, everyone I’ve ever played with who’s better than me has offered me advice

And I’m thankful for it

Second, after today, the number of professionals that I’ve taken lessons from totals three, so I think I’m now qualified to make an assessment on them

And me …

Firstly, lessons from Paul Stoller, the professional at Ulverston Golf Club

I need to preface my comments with the fact that I was clueless about technique, so Paul may well have been giving me the correct advice, it’s just that I don’t think much of it went in.

A bit like when you first are learning to drive a car and each action seems like a disparate part, rather than a natural flow of events.

Anyway, to his credit, Paul managed to get me to lift my back foot, which prior to lessons with him had been stubbornly stuck to the ground, and his tips on chipping to the green were helpful.

Overall though, my impression was that he was more interested in selling me stuff, than anything else.

Second, lessons from Michael Newton at Barrow Golf Club

I’ve had two lessons with Mike now, and he’s corrected my grip and pointed out my over ambitious backswing. Currently, the main thing that I remember is rotating about my core, pointing my left shoulder at the ball and keeping my left arm straight at the start of my backswing. I have a further 4 lessons to go and Mike’s lessons seem modular, each building on the last, so too early to give a final review.

Third, I’ve had one lesson today from Simon Edwards at Windermere Golf Club

Who approaches things in a somewhat different way

His main message to me was “understand how the club head travels and how it makes contact with the ball” plus “get the right pressure of grip on the club”

And it made sense, and it worked …

Simon had me making practice shots with my eyes closed – just nice and easy

Then doing the same thing but hitting the ball

If I had to sum it up it would be, teaching me how to get out of my own way, and let physics take over.

I played 9 holes afterwards, and yes, I still duffed a few, but a lot of shots just flew straight and true with minimal effort

And it feels like a breakthrough

My homework is to do the eyes closed practice swings 50 times a day

I’ll let you know how it goes